The beginning

My story begins around the age of 19. I was placed on birth control pills after having a procedure performed on my cervix. About a month after having the procedure done and using the birth control pills I noticed my breast started to grow. Most girls would love for their breast to grow if they were flat as a pancake like myself. But the growth became more than normal and then one of them started to grow even faster than the other. At that time I was told it was normal to experience some growth in my breast when taking birth control pills. I thought maybe they’re right and I was just over thinking it. But was I really over thinking it? My ex husband at the time said it will be okay don’t worry. Of course he didn’t have a problem with it because my breast were bigger than before. My mom said don’t worry about it things will workout. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me but I was so depressed because my self image was completely changed. My ex husband and I were planning our wedding the same year this all happened. I tried to pretend that I was doing ok with this but in fact I was just miserable and didn’t feel beautiful at all.

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