Monday Motivation

What type of influence are you for others?

Are you being the best influence in the life of others?

Are you sharing the tools and resources they need to have a better life?

Are you providing them with the encouragement needed to reach their goals?

Are you motivating them to keep going even when it gets tough?

Be the influence you would want in your life.

Monday Motivation

Are you ready for the battle

Gloves on and laced

Not everyone goes through the same battle. Some battles are BIG and some are small. God chose you for this battle to be an encouragement for someone that needs it.

My journey is to be an encouragement for anyone that needs me. My battle was different from others because God wanted me here to be a light for someone who is struggling in the dark.

No matter what battle you are facing you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. God has all the answers for your current battle. It’s not supposed to make sense to us, because it’s his plan for our lives.

Whether your battle is physical, emotional or financial troubles there’s still hope for change if you’re willing to be the change.

Making some simple changes in your life can make a big difference. Eating healthier foods along with exercise and add more time to your physical life.

Daily affirmations, motivational audios and surrounding yourself with positive people is amazing in helping you emotionally.

I have learned a skill set that has opened up my eyes and now I have the tools and resources to increase my finances daily.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Everyone needs someone in there corner when a battle is going on.

Monday Motivation

What you allow will continue

What are the things in your life that you have allowed to continue?

Are you allowing negativity?

Are you allowing fear?

Are you allowing hurt?

Are you allowing past failures to continue?

Whatever it may be you have to let it go in order to allow change to continue

Monday Motivation

“All your dreams are within reach

All you have to do is keep moving towards them.”

~Viola Davis~

Don’t stop moving forward because the view looks tough. Your dream is just beyond the window.


How are you spending your time?

Time is so important yet we don’t value it. How you spend your time will effect your tomorrow.

Are you making the best of your time or allowing others to waste your time?

Spend some time working on improving yourself. Daily exercise, making healthier choices, daily affirmations, reading and motivational audio helps me to stay on track with my life.

Connect with positive people that will spend time building you up.

Remove yourself from negative people, they will only waste your time and energy.

Time spent holding onto anger and bitterness will only take precious time from your family and friends.

If you were given the opportunity to make a change in your past. How would you use that time?

Take the time you have now and make a better tomorrow.

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