Powerful words

Now that this beautiful butterfly is flying high so much has happened to her that might have destroyed her but with Gods help along the way she remains safe.

I’m the youngest of five children. Denise 11 years older, Demestruis 9 years older, Rachel 7 years older and Johnna 5 years older. Then here I come the old man out. I was the quiet one of my siblings I was able to watch each of them and decide what path I was gonna take. I love each of them different but the same. But I didn’t want to follow in there footsteps I wanted my on path and journey.

I was very competitive with the kids in my neighborhood. I was the only girl that wanted to play outside with the boys. They would tell me that I wasn’t tough enough to hangout with them. That gave me the fire I needed to show them just how tough I was. I taught myself how to ride my bike, because I wasn’t about to use training wheels and have them laugh at me. I would climb trees and jump out to show them that I could hang with them. I loved to run so of course I would try to run faster than the boys. Because I was always trying to fit in I would pretty much just go with the flow. This led to me saying yes to things I really didn’t want to but it meant that I was apart of something.

Monday Motivation

Words are Powerful!!!

Words can bring you down or build you up. No matter what words have been said about you. Turn anything negative about you around and become who you are Destined to be.

#livingmybestlife #youarestrongenough

#loveyourself #believeinyourself

My Story

I’m sorry I haven’t connected in awhile. I was dealing with some doubts about if I could really help others. Satan has been trying to fill my head with doubt. Telling me that I shouldn’t share my story. But I’m here to tell you that I’m not going to stop sharing my life with you.

God choose me to share my personal story with others in hope to inspire and encourage others to share also. My story isn’t like others because it’s my journey.

I knew at a young age that God had a plan and purpose for my life. You may think there is no way, but at the age of six I was on the playground looking for my friends and I noticed no one was at school. I went over to the monkey bars and started to cry and said I’m all alone. God heard me and said as clearly as you hear your parents speak. He said my child you will never be alone, because I will always be with you. I looked up in the sky and I saw his eyes looking at me in the middle of the sun. I knew in that moment I was truly loved by God.

God took a quiet, shy caterpillar and transformed her while in the cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly. God knew this butterfly would be great once she came out of her comfort zone. And here I am now flying high and loving my new life.

Monday Motivation

You want the reward but you continue to make excuses. I thought you were ready for a change? If you want to succeed you must put in the work. Success won’t happen until you make a move.

The next steps

My mother did her best to design my wedding dress to hide the difference in my breast. No one could tell that I was uncomfortable. After the wedding I had another follow up with my doctor, he stated that once I have children that my breast should even out. I had just got married and of course I wasn’t thinking about having kids at this time. It took us 4 years to get pregnant with our first child, which the doctors also stated that I would probably not be able to have children, but the God I serve said different. 14 month later I gave birth to our second child. Still after being pregnant twice my breast continued to grow. I felt like I was going to live with this for the rest of my life. Five long years had gone by with no changes, so we decided to get another opinion concerning the noticeable difference and increased growth in my breast. This doctor seem to believe at first sight that there was reason for concerns. The doctor wanted to perform a biopsy of both breast to determine exactly what was going on. I wasn’t nervous to have the biopsy done, because we needed answers and I knew God was in control of whatever the test results would show. The procedure wasn’t pleasant at all I was very sore and uncomfortable for a couple of days. The doctor did confirm there were early cancer growth cells forming.

Monday Motivation

What’s holding you back is the thought of something holding you back. Just release the fear and go for it. Allow yourself to be Happy.


The beginning

My story begins around the age of 19. I was placed on birth control pills after having a procedure performed on my cervix. About a month after having the procedure done and using the birth control pills I noticed my breast started to grow. Most girls would love for their breast to grow if they were flat as a pancake like myself. But the growth became more than normal and then one of them started to grow even faster than the other. At that time I was told it was normal to experience some growth in my breast when taking birth control pills. I thought maybe they’re right and I was just over thinking it. But was I really over thinking it? My ex husband at the time said it will be okay don’t worry. Of course he didn’t have a problem with it because my breast were bigger than before. My mom said don’t worry about it things will workout. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me but I was so depressed because my self image was completely changed. My ex husband and I were planning our wedding the same year this all happened. I tried to pretend that I was doing ok with this but in fact I was just miserable and didn’t feel beautiful at all.

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