Powerful words

Now that this beautiful butterfly is flying high so much has happened to her that might have destroyed her but with Gods help along the way she remains safe.

I’m the youngest of five children. Denise 11 years older, Demestruis 9 years older, Rachel 7 years older and Johnna 5 years older. Then here I come the old man out. I was the quiet one of my siblings I was able to watch each of them and decide what path I was gonna take. I love each of them different but the same. But I didn’t want to follow in there footsteps I wanted my on path and journey.

I was very competitive with the kids in my neighborhood. I was the only girl that wanted to play outside with the boys. They would tell me that I wasn’t tough enough to hangout with them. That gave me the fire I needed to show them just how tough I was. I taught myself how to ride my bike, because I wasn’t about to use training wheels and have them laugh at me. I would climb trees and jump out to show them that I could hang with them. I loved to run so of course I would try to run faster than the boys. Because I was always trying to fit in I would pretty much just go with the flow. This led to me saying yes to things I really didn’t want to but it meant that I was apart of something.

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